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Goood Elections Vs Good Governance

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The concept of Orange Revolution is a new way of re-establishing Communism and Dictatorship via the back door.

The Eastern Europeans tried revolt to advance justice in the face of communist dictatorships. The Russians led the way via Captain Yeltsin who literally bombed his parliament building to take over power from Gorbachev in 1991.

Since then a series of small mini communist states have thought to change color from Communist Red to Green Democracy by going via the colour orange. Orange Code in the US, is the highest form of danger alert that the Homeland Security has been using about the terror of Islamo-fascism and AlQaeda operatives in western Europe and Northern America.

Now, a series of East African countries have been trying to use the Orange Code or to be exact the 'Orange Revolution" to usurp power via a combination of mass unrest and outright criminal activities that includes Genocide.

The recent 2005 post election fiasco in Ethiopia was led by misguided Marxist and Communist Cadres trying to take over power via misguided understanding of elections and their processes. A group of left oriented Marxist Cadres from Universities and abroad managed to register as candidates under the banner of a Coalition that was formed to create havoc. A Coalition that did not have even bylaws, rules, regulations and even protocol for managing change within the coalition. It was hastily put together for the sole purpose of creating havoc in Ethiopia.

Over 20,0000 activists gathered in the Capital Addis Ababa to create havoc and ethnic based genocide under the cover of election fraud. Fortunately, the Ethiopians were clever by allowing this fools to speak their mind under the banner of election campaigns. Their views, plans and strategies were published in a book and then articulated by the Orange Revolution Cadres via television, print and electronic media. Then their text messages via cell phones were identified as the command and control center for creating havoc and genocide in the city.

The savy and wise Ethiopian Intelligence then moven in the night before the D-Day (Destruction Day) and rounded up all the Orange Cadres of Doom and took them to the forest to collect their own version of "Seeds of oranges in Ethiopian forests"! Lo! and behold, there was no revolution and no genocide the next day. The captains of the Revolution were taken one by one to the nearby Kaliti prison and were prosecuted under "Treason and Genocide" with a series of rolls of evidence from their own meeting both public and private.

At last, after almost two years of prosecution, and the evidence weighted in and were all given life in prisonment. As the international media and especially the foolish Congress Payne and Chris Smith were going to defend the indefensible via their series of HR 2228. 5680 and 2003, the new Ethiopian Millennium arrived with its transformational agenda of peace and reconciliation. The Ethiopian elder's council led by Professor Issac of {Princeton) managed to negotiate the release of the hooligan Orange Revolution leaders who promptly went to their masters in the Diaspora and even testified in Congressional Hearing but soon turned the orange revolution on each other.

What they tried to do on the Ethiopian people in 2005, they managed to exercise among themselves in Diaspora especially in the USA under the watchful eyes of US media and weekly radio stations. Now, they are licking their wounds of the demonic orange revolution and planning a new tack via their surrogates in Asmara and Ogaden and Somalia and Congressman Terrorist Enabler, Donald Payne has just returned from Asmara the capital of "Horn Terrorist Network" to plan yet another series of terrorist enabler HRs. Unfortunately, the US Presidential elections is keeping the race and gender card alive with Obama and Clinton doing their mudslinging and potential race and gender riots in the USA, no one is listening to another mad terrorist enabler Donald Payne, who might be impeached and lose his seats all together as Ethiopian and Somali Americans want to punish him for his terrorist activities and betrayal of the US national interest where he was dining and winning with those who bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania some decades ago.

As he faces his potential impeachment and all his congressional aides like Ted Dagne and VOA Africa Director are being scrutinized by GAO (General Accounting Office) for their conduct unbecoming, aiding and abating with terrorists, the Kenyan Orange Revolutionaries are at it again.

This time, the Kenyans Orange Revolutionaries succeeded what the Ethiopian and Diaspora Marxist Terrorist failed. The story below is a sad commentary of "Orange Revolutionaries" at their best creating havoc and genocide on the unsuspecting Kenyans under their usual cover of "Election Fraud".

Ethiopia is lucky to have a 7,500 years old history of good governance, wher people of different cultures, religion and ethnic backgrounds have lived in peace and harmony with well developed social and personal code of honor and practice that saved it from the Red and White Terror activists who have now re-invented themselves as "Orange Revolutionaries"

Kenya has not been fortunate. Here is the sad story of our fellow Kenyans who are crying for help.

Let us learn from Ethiopia and Kenya and keep the extremists masquerading under the banner of Orange Revolution to create havoc, unrest and genocide.

The lesson is that we need to have an aggressive "Proactive and Pre-emptive Security Strategy supported with Proactive Promotion of Sustainable Development and Prosperity.

In the mean time, please read the tragedy of Kenya below.

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Annan hits out at Kenya 'abuses'

The Rift Valley town of Nakuru has seen some of the worst violence
Former UN head Kofi Annan has condemned "gross and systematic abuses of human rights" in Kenya, after a visit to violence-hit parts of the country.
Mr Annan said conflict may have been triggered by disputed elections, but it had evolved into "something else".

The facts had to be established and those responsible held to account, Mr Annan said on his return to Nairobi.

On Saturday, police brought 16 badly burnt bodies to the mortuary in Nakuru, the capital of Rift Valley province.

Mr Annan - in Kenya to mediate attempts for a political solution - was flown over Nakuru on Saturday as part of a tour that also included visits to Eldoret and Molo district.

Inter-ethnic strife in Nakuru
In pictures: Nakuru violence
Press sees long road ahead
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Hospital staff in Nakuru said they had received the bodies of nine more people, hacked by machetes or killed by arrows.

Earlier the authorities had imposed an overnight curfew across the city in the wake of renewed inter-ethnic conflict.

Rival gangs of young men battled with machetes, metal bars, bows and arrows, while thick smoke billowed up from burning buildings.

The violence came despite hopes of progress after President Mwai Kibaki met opposition leader Raila Odinga for the first time on Thursday since December's disputed polls.

Burnt forests

Mr Annan set off from Nairobi shortly after first light on Saturday to see for himself some of the destruction and human misery caused by more than three weeks of violence.

On Friday Mr Annan held talks with religious leaders

He visited some of the thousands of people in Eldoret whose homes have been destroyed or who moved to the town to try to find shelter.

The former UN chief also boarded a helicopter to fly to Molo district where many have been killed.

Speaking in the capital, Nairobi, Mr Annan said: "What we saw was rather tragic. We visited several IDP [internally displaced persons] camps, we saw people pushed from their homes, from their farms, grandmothers, children, families uprooted.

"And I think it is important that all Kenyans respond with sympathy and understanding, and not try to revenge."

He also said there needed to be fundamental changes to Kenya's institutions to prevent a repetition.

"We cannot accept that periodically, every five years or so, this sort of incident takes place and no-one is held to account. Impunity cannot be allowed to stand," Mr Annan added.

Tanzania's former President, Benjamin Mkapa, travelling with Mr Annan, said: "The political crisis in the country [has caused] a state of agony and despair. We console the people."

On Friday Mr Annan held talks with Kenyan election officials and religious leaders in Nairobi, urging them to use their leadership to encourage people to work for peace.

"The leaders may not be able to do it alone. We all need to play our part," he said.


Nakuru is said to be relatively quiet following the overnight curfew. But there has been sporadic gunfire in the city on Saturday.

The BBC's Adam Mynott says that some protesters erected a barricade across the main road and many homes have been burnt in the town.

Hundreds of people have sought refuge in churches or friends' homes.

There are also reports of truckloads of many young men being moved overnight to a village on the outskirts of the town.

The unrest triggered by the election on 27 December has driven 250,000 people from their homes. Mr Odinga says he was robbed of the presidency.